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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by rspeaker, Jun 4, 2009.

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    This might end up being a better question for the Plex forum, but I thought I'd give it a go here.

    First, Plex isn't letting me add applications. I previously (successfully) added Front Row, but I would now like to add Boxee and Hulu desktop. I go to Add Source, find the application, press return, and... nothing happens. It seems like a very straightforward process, and there is no "troubleshooting" for this in Plex's documentation, so I'm at a loss as to what I may be doing wrong.

    Second, when I watch online content... On the first screen, with the names of shows/channels, I can browse through everything. However, if I advance one screen (say I click on The Colbert Report) and then back out to the first screen, I can only scroll through two or three shows. The only fix I've found is to exit Plex and restart, but it does this every time I advance past that first screen.

    I'd love to be a Plex user, but these two things are driving me nuts.
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    I can't speak to the second part of your issue but the first part, how come you're going to add source to add hulu? I simply went to "app store" and downloaded the hulu app. It is then viewable under "view my videos".

    I recently ran into an issue with Plex where my netflix app isn't working. I can understand your frustrations but I believe this is still better than boxee.
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    ^^ I recall reading the same thing a while back.
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    I know Plex has a Hulu app/plug-in, but after some use, I've decided Hulu desktop is probably a better option. I really dislike navigating the Hulu app within Plex.

    Boxee has lost Hulu several times, but they keep getting around it and making it work. The only thing is, it only has full TV episode support, whereas Plex and Hulu desktop have support for TV show clips.
  6. Chris Rogers macrumors 6502a

    Chris Rogers

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    Yeah, it's been on/off for 2-3 months now. Every time Boxee works around it Hulu blocks them. And when it does work; it's HORRIBLE, to say the least.
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    I get what you are trying to do, but I'm not sure what the problem is. I do want to make sure you know that launching Hulu Desktop from Plex will cause remote problems if you are using a remote to control everything. There may be a work around with remote buddy, but I am not sure on that.
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    It WILL cause problems, or it MIGHT cause problems? As I said, I have Front Row installed as an app in Plex, and there are no remote issues going back and forth between the two. I had a Front Row plugin for Boxee, and there were no remote issues going back and forth between the two.

    I would think OSX would see which application is in use, and use the remote with that app (such as, if iTunes and DVD Player are open, and DVD Player is the "front"/in-use application, the remote controls DVD Player.) I'm no programmer, but I don't see why this would be hard to do with Plex launching Boxee or Hulu Desktop.

    With no changes on my part, the show/channel issue has gone from every time to intermittent. I still can't add apps in Plex. I've uninstalled/re-installed Plex, and no change. I guess this is an uncommon thing, but what a pain.
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