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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by linds15, Feb 11, 2014.

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    anyone on here subscribed to plex pass? im thinking about it, my main feature would be plex sync, but i wanted to know if it could be automated. meaning, could i somehow set it up so that when i rip a dvd or blu-ray, it gets added to my plex library, then auto synced to my ipad so when i commute the next morning it is ready to go.

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    Basically in every view (all movies, unwatched movies, recent add movies, all TV shows, a specific TV show, a specific season of a tv show, or a specific movie or TV episode) there is an option to sync, from that you get
    • # of items (or max duration of media)
    • all or unwatched
    • quality of encode

    it works better for TV shows in the automatic selection of media, not quite sure how recently added Movies would work.
    In TV i just keep it set to sync either 1 or 2 episodes of the shows i want to watch on my phone. after i watch a show at home (or away), it automatically converts the next episode down the list, and keeps it ready to sync.

    for movies you may be better off selecting the movie to manually sync after you add it to your library. you can manage what you sync (both add and remove) from the plex web interface.

    to sync you must launch plex on your mobile device. it will then start to sync. Plex must be open for the sync to start, it can continue to sync in the background for a few minutes. This is due to apple's restrictions on apps running in the background.
    For a movie sync might take 5-15 minutes depending on the quality of the encode, and the speed of your network.
    normally if you launch plex when you get up it should be ready by the time you want to walk out the door.

    you can sync outside your network too (either on cellular or wifi at a remote location), but it will be pretty slow since your upload speed is a small fraction of what's available on your network. my TV shows take about :30 to 1 minute at home, maybe 10 minutes away.
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    thanks for this. so for TV shows, i have all of the shield on my plex server, if im on s6e01, then watch the episode, the next time plex is opened on my ipad it will auto-sync the next episode? if thats how it works that would be great for me, open it in morning, have it synced by the time i walk out to the bus. is this setup on the device or on my server?
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    correct, it keeps the number of episodes you specify converted and ready on the server to sync. you'll just need to make sure seasons 1-5 are marked as watched.

    make sure you specify unwatched, i think it defaults to all, which would start with S01E01, and never add new episodes to the iPad

    if you watch E02 before syncing, then the server will delete the converted copy of E02, and convert E03.

    this will require a little bit of space on your server.
    and it will require a sever that can handle the conversion. so if you're running on a low powered server it may take a while to do the conversion.

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