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    May 3, 2011
    The most addictive and exciting falling blocks game, now on Mac AppStore!

    Plint! (from the word Πλίνθος, which in Greek means "stone") is fully themeable, shipping with 4 colourful themes, 4 music themes and 4 game modes to match your gameplay style :)

    Available powerups:

    • Bomb: explode your falling block, destroying the surrounding ones.
    • Time-Stop: pause the black movement for a couple of seconds, useful when you are in trouble!
    • Level rotate: you see an opening at the bottom of the stage? No problem, just rotate it!
    • Score-Multiplier: stackable score multiplier, your way to reach the top of the charts!

    On top of that, there is our nasty little guy, showing up at random times during gameplay, trying to confuse you, so extra attention is required ;)

    Apart from local highscores, you can upload your scores to a global highscore database, thus, you can compete and beat your friends, as well as numerous players around the world! The testers found it addicting, challenging and competitive! How about you? Enjoy it and prove us how good you are by doing a high score… are you ready?

    Mac AppStore link
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