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    Gamers of Earth and other planets! Welcome to the planet of robots, who had a thriving civilization and plans for the future, but now lay broken pleading for human help. To save the world of robots, build connections between them. Get on a journey around planet's main buildings and restore them all by building chains of 5 or more robots, getting achievements and discovering RoboHistory on your way. It's as easy as it sounds but be prepared: it's highly addicitive!

    Watch RoboSockets Game Trailer

    RoboSockets is a juicy mix of tetris, pipes and match 3 game mechanics resulting in the truly unique gameplay. The game introduces a whole RoboCivilization, its hierarchy, history and legends with each level’s setting fitting in the storyline. Diversity of robo-characters, smooth learning curve and unique bonus features make RoboSockets a perfect brain trainer. Simple idea, several modes to challenge yourself in, elaborate design and storyline make it pick-up-and-play and addictive.

    The game features:
    - Highly addictive gameplay
    - Challenging game modes
    - Memorable characters with exclusive anatomy
    - Stunning graphics
    - GameCenter support, Leaderboards, Achievements
    - Facebook integration
    - Explorable facts of RoboCivilization

    It will reach App Store in late February, cost $0.99 and debut as iPhone app, with HD version and more game modes coming in an update.
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    Jan 18, 2011
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    The game is available for download now! According to early reviews, it meets and beats the expectations - let the devs know what you think and what you'd like to see in updates: iTunes link

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