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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by aeboi, Jun 18, 2010.

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    Quick question
    I got my first macbook pro 2 months ahead of schedule(school) so for the next two months, it's going to stay on my desk at home the whole time. Would it harm the battery if I keep the power plugged majority of the time? Would the battery still go through load cycles or would the capacity of the battery decrease by using AC most of the time?

    Also, how many times should I calibrate the battery initially? Just got it yesterday and I haven't calibrated it yet

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    Unplug it couple of times a week and drain the battery to below 50% to keep it running nicely
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    I have 43 load-cycles on my mbp right now, and sitting at 7275/7308 mAh. Had it since the week of release. I calibrated the battery when I first got it, and have/plan to do so every month.

    I am just giving you my results, not sure if they are good or bad as I am no mac/battery expert, but I'm happy with them.
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    Try to take our laptop away from your desk a few times like surf the net in bed or watching TV just to drain a little juice off the battery (down to 50%) You will be amazed at how used to you will get to being able to go anywhere in the house with your laptop for a little while.

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