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    Have an old rusted bolt that stops the water coming out from these old pipes. I have two choices. Replace the elbow and try and loosen the bolt. I already tried with a monkey wrench but I stopped because that obviously can end up rounding the edges of the bolt. I was advised to use a pipe wrench on the bolt since it has the tightest grip. I tried WD40 but heard of using a torch or nitrogen.

    Should I forget trying to loosen it even more and just replace the elbow? I'd have to buy a pipe wrench so I'm not sure if it's worth it. If I want to replace the elbow of course I will need to dig deeper into the wall to be able to rotate the elbow.


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    Nope. Plumber just came and gave me an hour for free. He had 2 pipe wrenches for opposing torque as well. We tried loosening the bolt and loosening the elbow. Both no go. The house is really old. The pipe you see in the video looks clean and easy because I cleaned it all off today. But the inside threads are too rusted. If he torqued any more the old pipe would've broke at the elbow thread point. Only option is to cut the elbow vertically so that he could try the pipe wrench on the remaining part of the elbow horizontally. Even then the pipes are so old we don't even know if water is still flowing due to rust. This is Japan. He did a lot of checking and trying different things for free for quite a while. He was really trying to help me take that nut off to put on a new outdoor faucet.

    Maybe he wasn't experienced enough. I don't think so.
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    I'm with JamesMike, about trying a torch.

    If it was my task, I'd get a helper, stabilize the forward-facing side of the elbow with a pipe wrench, put a small torch on it, start tapping with a hammer, and torque the plug. Heat, tap, apply force. All at once if possible, in sequence if not.

    Sometimes a jolt can break threads free when steady torque can't. You could try setting it with two wrenches, one on the elbow and one on the plug (super tight) and then striking the wrench on that's the plug with a sharp blow or two.

    Obviously you want to be super-careful with the flame. An outside faucet isn't worth burning down a house over.

    Also, something like WD40 is worth a try. [edit - I missed that you tried it] Squirt, tap, let it sit, repeat.
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    Or use some CRC 5-56 if you can't get a hold of any WD-40.

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