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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by ers0508, Jul 9, 2010.

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    hello everyone im having issues fitting the screen of my mac desktop to my t.v.. I am using a a panasonic 32 tv. with the dvi to hdmi. the problem that i am having is that eveything is to big and i cant see the top of the screen. i tried doing everything i can think of from switching the format of the t.v. to messing with the settings on the mac to the setting of the tv...can someone plz help me. i know one way is buying the dvi to vga. but is there a setting i can do...
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    If your tv is 720P open up the system preferences and hit the display button. then set the resolution to 720p mode. Try messing with turning overscan on or off ( depends on your tv I have to turn it off personally ) and also mess with the picture modes on your tv.

    If your TV has a mode that says something like "pixel for pixel" or "original" or "source" thats probably the right picture mode. Also if your TV is 1080p or i etc there are special modes for each.

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