plz....what is the solution...?

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    Dec 4, 2008
    i m heaving problem wth my iphone 4m last 1 week...i asked the solution at this forum...1 of my friends suggested me to put in DFU mode 2 restore...i tried it 2 restore via DFU mode...but it indicates at da screen ,this sim is not compatible ...insert the sim wch was came wth iphone.....i bought it unlocked like used there any solution 2 solve this messege ( insert the compatibe sim....but it works wth all carrieres now....
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    Jul 11, 2008
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    Geesh, let me give this a shot. :rolleyes:
    So you have already restored via DFU mode, and now your iPhone is asking for the sim card that came with it?

    Or you want to restore it because it is asking for the sim card that came with it?

    Either way, your iPhone needs to be activated. You can do that via Quickpwn. You need to download Quickpwn (Google it for link). Open it up and do all of the stuff it asks from you. When it asks to install "Cydia","installer", "change boot logos", or unlock phone, select unlock phone.
    This should help if I read your post correctly

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