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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by mark8, Mar 4, 2016.

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    Here we go again. Recently bought a PM G5 2.0Ghz which ran fine(nice and quiet) for months, until...
    I was copying files from one ext hard drive to another and left for around 15-20 minutes. Returned to find the fans had ramped up to full speed. Tried to reboot several times and it would lock up@ Apple logo. So I tried this
    Didn't work so I tried a couple of 2.5Ghz cpus I have and voila it booted normally(although with louder fan noise)
    I have since tried the original 2.0Ghz cpus(with new thermal paste) and tried to run ASD 2.5.8 (with both 2.0&2.5Ghz cpus)The problem is the fans run higher than they should and it will not boot the service disc after several attempts. Yes the disc works. Tried it on my 2.5Ghz LCS G5 and it boots. the LCS G5 fans are loud. Seems every LCS G5 I have(and now my 2.0Ghz G5) the fans are loud, even after running ASD. Don't know why the Dual 2.0 won't boot the ASD. I even tried a different CD/DVD player ,nothing
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    You've already swapped CPUs and know about the disc to calibrate the fans. Not certain I can offer anything beyond asking what happens when you try to boot from cd.
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    A dual CPU model can run with the bad processor in CPU B slot but not CPU A. Try removing one CPU and running it on its own with one processor in the A slot (upper). Switch them and see which processor is the issue.

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