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    #1 just lists 6.5 amps as the max current for the powermac G5. That seems kinda high, although I do realize that actual watts consumed will depend on CPU speed, hard drives, RAM, and video and PCI cards installed. Does anyone have specific examples of how much juice one of these really uses, and the corresponding hardware config?

    Guess I won't be vacuuming near one of these... ;)
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    E = P x t

    assume the G5 uses a 450w or 650w power supply and let the computer run for 8 hours a day.

    450W x 8 hours = 4.5 kw/h (same measurement on your power bill)

    650W x 8 hours = 5.2 kw/h

    if you wanted voltage you would add up the wattage and amps of everything then divide total watts by total amps would equal the voltages. (assuming i remember physics)
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    Somewhere around 235W at skewed low power mode and 370-400W running full blast, with a 60-70W LCD. (Numbers for an old Rev. A PM)

    Bump up the graphics card, add some stuff, and it'll add up quick enough.

    Move up to a 23" or 30" LCD and you'll be sucking down 90/150W for the LCD alone.

    Most installations will probably easily overload most old UPSs people have at home forcing you to hunt up a more expensive 1000-1500VA UPS. Still waiting for somebody to post Rev B/C specs -- but they probably won't be too far off since Apple sacrificed power savings for more MHz.

    The cards should suck down...
    Graphics IC	Video SDRAM	Power usage	PCI power available
    ATI Radeon 9600	128 MB		15W		75W
    ATI Radeon 9650	256 MB		15W		75W
    ATI Radeon 9800	256 MB		75W
    GeForce 6800	256 MB		105W		30W
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    Oh my......going from the 9600-6800 is 90 WATTS :eek: :eek:

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