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    I've been having two issues with my Macs recently. One, I've been wanting to use my microphone on my Macs and it works just fine on any Windows PC but it doesn't work on any of my Macs. Anyone know whats up with that?
    Two, I notice on my PowerMac G5 the digital audio output is always lit up red, is it supposed to be like that? If not could that lead to my mic issues on the G5? It's been like that since I got it and if so, that doesn't explain why it won't work on my PoweBook. I'd test it on my newer intel Macbook but my audio in jack is blown on it.

    Here's a photo of my mic I'm using and the port

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  2. Orizence macrumors 6502

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    I cant answer for the mic but I'm pretty sure the digital out ports are always supposed to be lit, I havent pulled my G5 out in a while but I remember them always like that
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    Optical audio out is always lit red like that. Check out the back of a PS3, its the same.

    What sort of connection is the microphone using? I assume its not XLR via an interface. USB?
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    Macs seldom are able to use a microphone that has a low-level microphone output.
    You will also notice that Macs audio input are not for low level microphones.
    The microphone (and any other analog audio device) will need to be line level.
    Your Microphone likely outputs with, well, mic level.
    If you want to use that low-level mic on your Mac, you will have to connect it to a mic preamp, then connect THAT to your Mac.
    (Maybe there is a switch on your mic that provides line level, you would have to look at your manual to find out)
    Here's a cute article that explains that a little better.
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    Is it a 3.5mm jack? You have to set it as the default input device in the sound section of the system prefs
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    It's a standard 3.5mm jack. But the cord connects to the mic via a 3 pin port. Is that XLR?
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    It doesn't even show up there. I'm thinking the person who suggested a mic preamp was right
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    yeah thats XLR. Try using a pre-amp

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