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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by mshotnfunny, Dec 30, 2009.

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    Dec 30, 2009
    Hey guys! Jacqui from MsHotNFunny.com here-- they knocked us back a couple times (dang censorship!) but me & Jeff finally have Pocket Ex-Girlfriend out:

    (Yes, the model is me, thank you thank you)

    Here's the direct link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pocket-ex-girlfriend/id346474524?mt=8


    Ever dated a REALLY hot girl? Ever broken up with her? Well, she's back in pocket form to give you a piece of her mind and show you the hotness you're missing out on! Get your hands on Pocket Ex-Girlfriend: The CUTEST GIRL INTERACTIVE VIDEO APPLICATION available on the App Store. No, it's NOT an applications that shows some photo gallery of hot chicks in bikinis; Pocket Ex-Girlfriend is a living, breathing, unbelievably hot girl, and is she's mad at you, boyo! She’s interactive, she's real, and she can't BELIEVE you dumped her!

    From the MsHotNFunny.com team of Jeff Wolverton (stocky supergenius) and Jacqui Holland (pint-sized supermodel) comes "Pocket Ex-Girlfriend"! Imagine having an ex who's a perfect 10, ridiculously bitchy, and a sexy voice that spews an endless stream of not-so-nice comments. But the best part is: YOU have the power to MUTE her. Yes, your little pocket ex-girlfriend comes with a "Shut Up!" button!


    1) SHE’S SERIOUSLY RIDICULOUSLY HOT!!! And yet, you didn't managed to keep a hold of her! Now she's dissed, miffed, and ready to tell you what she thinks of you, and what you're missing out on now.

    2) SHE PUTS YOU IN YOUR PLACE! She'll dance around and hit you with a zinger every six seconds, just like you deserve!

    3) SHE’S INTERACTIVELY ANIMATED! If you poke her head or belly (which you really shouldn't, you're broken up, ya know!) you'll SEE her react to your touch and tell you what thinks of your trying to be so forward with her after the breakup, mister! Touch her perfect round bottom if you dare.

    4) ...AND, UNLIKE YOUR REAL EX, SHE’S GOT A MUTE BUTTON!!! We know how it is with super hot ex's-- don't you wish you could just press mute and shut them up? Well now you can! See the hottie get stark raving mad: she'll pound on the glass, she'll kick the glass and mumble angrily until you relent and let her talk again (bad idea.)

    5) FREE UPDATES FOREVER. NEW FEATURES that will be continuously added.... Who knows? In the future you might just be able to throw a pie in her face, give her a bad hair day, or maybe she'll even want to get back together with you (Ha! Not likely, loser!)

    We also encourage you to give us your feedback and offer us your suggestions. You never know, one of your ideas could end up finding its way into the next update?

    Make sure your sound is on (not set to vibrate) so she can give you a piece of her mind! She says several dozens of gripes when left on her own, and many more when you try to touch her!

    THANKS! http://images.macrumors.com/vb/images/smilies/biggrin.gif
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