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    Hey Guys,

    Trying something different this time around. We are looking to improve our press outreach for the game and will be looking to have the first peek of the new updates be handled by an iPhone news outlet before we do the State of the Island. This time around, we decided to do it kind of late so I couldn't write the SOTI until the update was actually out. but moving forward, we will try to get everything done early so I can post the SOTI a good week before it comes out.

    We are also planning to do a video walk through for each new update which took some time as well. Now that we have the right camera and shooting setup, it should be way faster moving forward.

    About the update, we were going to create an update called Island of the Gods (or Challenge of the Gods, we haven't decided yet) but in the update we want to create a new unique god/idol for each of our 38 updates. This ended up taking a lot of time so we decided to do a quick mini update similar to Double Rainbow where we can parody Charlie Sheen. We were able to work on the Idols in parallel so the God Island update should be out fairly quickly.

    So Two and a Half Pygmies introduces a new Pygmy named Charlie who is "Duh Winning!". Charlie is a take on the immortal pygmy idea that a lot of fans have sent to us. There are a number of sacrifices that don't work for him. He will punch away the boulder with his Torpedo of Truth, He actually likes to have a Monkey on His Back. He doesn't need sleep and hates eating food. He can also kill the vampire by becoming a Vatican Assassin Warlock and will turn into a tiger with his tiger blood and Adonis DNA in order to cut a fellow Pygmy in half. Then you can play around with the Half Pygmy. This is just a fraction of the things you can do with Charlie and he comes with a set of 7 custom idles.

    Also included with the update is the Pimp Pack. We were thinking of what would go along with Charlie and since he is such a pimp, we thought this would be appropriate. We have Don Magic Juan (snoop dog's spiritual adviser) Pygmy Statue. We also have lots of animal print, purple, gold, etc. The meteor is now a Gold Rolex and the fish is a stack o' fitties. Allan hated drawing it because it's so garish, but I like it a lot, it's one of my favorite packs.

    On the development side, we have been looking to find help for Allan for a while. We tested out some artists and so far, they are a bit too expensive to hire full time or we had language problems in terms of describing the type of art we needed. We are using a new guy for the marketing graphics and they are turning out pretty good. But for normal game art, we are still trying to find the perfect fit. We hired a guy to work on PGU for this update but I think we will probably be looking for someone new for the next one. email us at jobs(at)boltcreative(dot)com if you know anyone. We're pretty picky, so please make sure they have an awesome online portfolio that shows animation on par with what we are already doing.

    The next two updates will probably be our most ambitious updates yet. The next one has a ton of art that we are adding to the game. Like I said before, we created a God for every update and you will be able to unlock their idols by doing different things. The update after this will be a pretty awesome game where you can charge your Pygmy with the power of the idols that you win and do battle with opponents. I've been working on the rules of the battle game and it's going to be awesome.

    We are also looking forward to a new iPhone release in the next month or two. Hopefully it will only take 4 weeks to finish and a couple weeks to test. It's wont be a brand new game but something that iPhone and iPod users have been asking for a while.


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