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    Hey Guys,

    Man, the holidays are really hitting me. Once we got all our updates submitted I started playing some video games I bought a while ago and taking a break for a change. I went through Batman Arkham City last week and this week I'm working through Skyrim. They are both pretty awesome games to anyone who is interested.

    As far as the update goes. this is our last update of 2011 so we decided to go back to basics and create a new god power, an underwater god power. First, we added 9 symbols to the underwater temple. You activate the symbols in different patterns to enable each of 5 God Powers. Heat, Cold, Oil, Acid, and Air. The patterns are in the help or you can experiment and see if you can find them on your own.

    When a power is active, you use your finger to draw that power around the screen. The Pygmies will die from the power if you draw it over them. There is a unique death for each type of power.

    In honor of Christmas we are including the Candyland skin pack as well as an extra item in the free Fishmas Pack. The candyland pack includes candy versions of all the normal skinnable elements and the Fishmas pack has a new dance with "the twelve days of fishmas" audio.

    Last week we announced our new game. Pocket God: The Runs. We've been working really hard on it, so hard in fact that I got a little burnt out. We were trying to get it done for Christmas but I felt that we could do a much better job with it if we took our time with it. I'm sure everyone knows this, but The Runs is a more in-depth version of the mini game in the original PG. The only thing that they have in common is that they are both runners. For PGR we are going back and trying to figure out a way to push a runner game to the next level. I've been really inspired by games like Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, Sonic the Hedgehog and the new Super Mario Brothers and we are designing levels that have those kinds of elements in them. Multiple non-linear paths, lots of different kinds of obstacles, huge jumps, rotating platforms, etc. When we do PG updates, we typically try and get it done as fast as possible and submit it when it's good enough. With PGR we are really taking our time to make sure the level design is great, the levels will look amazing, the video that's out shows the direction we are heading but I feel like we have to make it look even better before we actually launch it.

    At launch the game will have 3 worlds, 10 levels each, and the pygmies will be skinnable. Not sure how many skins we will launch with, but you will be able to play as the pygmy characters from the comic book.

    So my goal right now is to get the burn out out of the way, get all my video gaming for the year out of the way, and then get back to The Runs so we can finish it soon.

    Also, we came up with an awesome theme for all our standard PG updates for 2012. More info will come as we release future updates.


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