pocket hd camcorder lens 4.1mm vs 6.3mm

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by RKpro, Nov 9, 2009.

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    Hey there experts,

    In the summer I've had a Kodak ZX1 pocket camcorder (until I lost it), and it had a 4.1 mm fixed focus lens. To me it seemed a bit like a zoom lens, great for recording action 5 meters (15 feet) away. But when I film people close to me, I've always had to take a few steps back to get the whole person into the frame. And it sucked for filming inside of a car from the passenger seat. I'm not talking about the digital zooming, but the zoom level of the lens.

    Now I'm looking at a Kodak ZI8 which has a 6.3 mm lens. Will this one be even more zoomed in? Or less? I would prefer something with a wider angle.

    If it helps, the specs for Zi8 also indicate:
    35 mm equivalent: 61 mm (1080p), 46 mm (720p/60 fps, 720p, WVGA), 42 mm (still)

    ...and I intend to use it for 720p 60fps like on my old ZX1. No 35 mm equivalent data is given for the ZX1.

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    If the ZX1 and the ZI8 have the same physical sensor size then the longer the lens in mm the more telephoto ("zoomed) the lens is. If you want a camera with a wide angle lens look for a 35mm equivalent of around 24mm. Wide angle < 50mm (35mm equivalent) < telephoto.

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