PocketNow's "After The Buzz" Apple Watch review

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Zirel, Dec 13, 2015.

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    I hate this reviewer guy/PocketNow. They never seem to have anything positive to say about Apple or anything in general.
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    May 7, 2015
    Yeah the PocketNow guy is usually pretty negative about the Apple Watch.

    I do agree with a couple of his points though. AW is slow, even with watchOS 2 (even Apple's built-in ones). Apps, aside from a handful, haven't added that much more value to the AW.

    But many of his other points miss the mark IMHO. Durability of the strap for example. It's a *white* rubber strap, of course it's going to be less white over time (it's not anApple thing). Applauding Android watches's appearance vs AW is pretty subjective (I think the AW is much better looking and jewelry-like in real life than most Android watches, including the Huawei). And complaints about not being able to respond to notifications... Can Android wear do better (yet)? If there's an onscreen keyboard, I'd wager the experience is much worse--hell, you'd just pull out your phone in that case.

    But overall, it seems the guy wants to use the watch as a phone. In that case, he'd probably have to wait another 5 years to do something remotely similar to what the phone does today--it's designed (so far) as a companion to your phone, not a replacement.
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    Well that was a few minutes of my life I won't get back. The only thing he said that I agree with in the entire review was that use the Friends button on the watch is something not many people use. Otherwise, I find that he's just trying to find all the things he can to whine about... many of them not accurate at all... without showing anything of value that you can do with the Apple Watch. This is supposed to be a review "after the buzz"... meaning he's been using the thing for 6 months and can share the good and the bad. He provided nothing about how he's using it... so he's probably not. Total waste of time to watch this.
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    Some people want a watch that can fully replace an iPhone. Others just want a wearable iPhone accessory that offers the convenience of being right there for a quick glance or response. I'm definitely in the latter group... there are almost never times when my iPhone is not within Bluetooth range for more than a few minutes. Sure it would be cool if the watch had its own GPS and cellular connectivity, but until the trade-offs are mitigated (battery life, size, cost, etc.) I'm happy to leave some things up to the iPhone.

    Maybe Apple's own calendar and weather apps are slower (haven't used them in a long time), but whenever I tap a complication for Fantastical 2 calendar or Carrot Weather I get the information I need quickly. Usually in less than a second and almost always within 3 seconds... which is still less time than it would take me to get out my iPhone and access the information that way. Even for those apps or occasions when I need to wait a few seconds more, at least I'm not having to dig my iPhone out of whatever pocket or bag it's in. Sometimes I prefer checking my watch because it's less distracting. I definitely spent more time staring at the spinning balls on my watch back with OS 1. Almost everything about the watch has gotten faster for me with each update except for the apps that haven't yet updated to run natively. Even running natively, not all third party apps are created equal. Some are fast and responsive while others are frustratingly slow. For me the watch doesn't need a lot of third party apps to be useful though. I use only about 4 or 5 on a daily (or every other day) basis, and they are all fast and reliable.

    I think the way the Apple Watch works with text messages is fantastic. Most of my texts can be answered with a simple standard reply. The Apple Watch offers useful standard replies based on the content of the message and you can also add your own. I don't use the voice-to-text reply feature that often, but I have found it to be very useful on occasion. I also love being able to say "Hey Siri: Text my wife and tell her that I'm running late." I have no desire for a watch-sized on-screen keyboard. If I really need to tap out a message, that's when I will get out my iPhone.

    As for the durability of the bands: My blue sport band has held up well, but I have two other third party bands I wear much more frequently: A brown leather band and a black leather loop knockoff. Rotate between two or more watch bands and not only will they last longer, but you will be less likely to get a rash than if you just wear the same band every day.

    The Friends button: Yeah... I don't really use it that much either. Occasionally for Apple Pay and for restarting the watch. I'm more likely to initiate a phone call or text using "Hey Siri" or my iPhone.

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    I take no issue with this review. I have an apple watch, and feel much the same way. I basically use my watch as an applepay/notification device/starbucks. That's about it. It lets me know if I need to pick up my phone or not based on the notifications. Apps simply take too long to load to be functional for me.

    That being said, even with these issues, I am happy and looking forward to new features on the next version.
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    He didn't even mentioned that!

    Because no Android Wear has that feature, so shussssh.

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