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    I currently have a PowerMac G5 and a Macbook Pro late 2010. I would like to start a podcast with some friends using the online chat service Mumble. I was wondering if Garageband can capture the audio from the Mumble server? Doing some quick research I can see that Garageband doesn't seem to have this feature. Is there any other option that you guys would recommend for podcasting over the internet?


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    I think some podcasters have Garageband running in the background capturing audio while they run the discussion itself over Skype. At the end of the discussion you get everyone to send you their Garageband recordings, and you therefore have really high quality from all participants.

    I've not tried it myself - you can probably find out more on Google.
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    This is what I do. Recording conversations though the internet introduces too many variables that screw up recordings. More often than not someone's internet always hiccups and they get cut off for a second or two, which means it's cut off in your recording, which means you have to go back from where it was cut off and start over and that's just stupid. Another big problem is that it sounds bad because the voices are compressed to hell.

    Just have everyone record their own audio for the best possible quality while being able to have individual tracks for everyone. Be sure to have everyone press record at the same time to avoid any editing headaches having to guess where someone started recording.

    You'll be glad you did this. I know what I'm talking about. You're welcome.

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