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    So I have an archive of about 200 mp3s, which we add to on a weekly basis that I'd like to add an RSS feed for. I'd like to have iTunes integration (though that's not really a requirement). What solutions do you guys recommend that are free/cheap? I currently store metadata in a DB, should I move to xml or use both? I'm working with PHP, but am open to using other languages if they'll get the job done.
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    These days I'd do both iTunes and standard RSS 2.0. iTunes really just modifies the RSS 2.0 specs to spawn the iTunes client, and has some extra fields in the XML files for including photos and even documents not found in normal feeds such as the RSS 2.0 format. The documentation at iTunes walks you through what to do, and you just add links on your page as well as podcasts, which are available via the iTunes store of course for subscription for streaming media.

    If you know XML and simply need to view the specs on an iTunes/RSS XML file then go here and view source on that page to see the XML file.

    RSS 2.0 is so standardized most any language has frameworks for it, and PHP is no exception. That's my choice, actually, for creating a decent feed tied into your database. Here is a link for creating an RSS feed using PHP and MySQL but PHP also works with most common DB formats. You didn't mention your DB type, so I'm being general.


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