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Sep 1, 2010
Williamstown, NJ
Ok the update has really screwed things up with the podcast app. First off i had the podcasts arranged in the order i want but after the update the were scrambled, so i reordered them and then they scrambled again even though i had the sorting off in settings, second what happened to the red badge that told you how many unwatched podcasts you had? and third what is with the show hidden podcasts thing? i click show hidden podcasts but then when i go back in they are hidden again :confused::confused:


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Oct 30, 2002
San Diego, CA
Yes, the order of the podcasts did change on mine but I haven't yet tried to move them back. Worse yet, all of the watched status icons (the red dots) have been set back to unwatched, so I've lost all of my histories on what I have and have not seen. Frankly, however, the status icons have never worked correctly in all cases, in the past I had at least one podcast that would often show the topmost status as inverted (unwatched shown when there was nothing new, and vice versa).

As yet, these are the only things I've found broken or "wrong" on the update. But, thus far I've only tried Podcasts and the new iTunes Radio (the latter seems pretty nice, very responsive and since I have iTunes Match there are no commercials).


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Apr 26, 2010
In Trasnic
I'm having issues with the Podcasts app on Apple TV as well.
Every day it seems to delete a couple of my subscribed podcasts which is very, very frustrating.

Is the AppleTV Podcasts app linked to my the Podcasts app on my iPhone/iPad/iTunes?
I wonder if actions I take on other platforms are effecting what's happening on the AppleTV.
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