Poem transcription, please check my english


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Nov 14, 2010
I'm an Austronaut
I'm transcribing from this poem reading;

Freedom Bird

The freedom bird descends to purest heights
above the mountains, across the fountains
hovering about the unknown paths above the wordily wrasses
into space uncharted where clouds rain on trout (?)
with static motion above the ocean
In an easy glide define time it feels its freedom sublime
and knows of its delight the feeling so right
unhurried but graceful in a height so spaceful
with desired distinction, grace perfection
a pure urge, the freedom surge.

Urge is the bird to fly
not a path but feeling true not for a moment, for eternity
to feel this feeling an expression of love and heartfelt
a delight and thankfulness.

The tears rolled down, not born of soar but keen delight
no care for destination, the beating hearth with a message
“only for you” when whispers confirming the feeling
sunshine is high above as it cheers on;

Soar freedom bird. Soar.
Feel it, the sky is yours.
Stretch little bird. Stretch.
Stretch those lovely wings.

Even the father of time has paused its hand as it looks upon you with an infinite smile
Gone is the cage
Gone is the rage on our confinements
no matter what you heard again and again someone trying to ease your pain, you knew so did your hearth
all you ever felt was the freedom taught
console by many to accept the cage from which you could be admired, but for you the feeling held true
the true freedom your heart desired
nothing could contain your feeling
and freedom was your healing
you could not be held for you knew too well the desire that your hearth desired
Not golden cages, not long story pages, treasures of past ages
nothing at all outweighs to our heart cages, for once felt so deep the feeling rages so steep
To feel again the time stopped the wonderful freedom about
nothing can convince the hearth as it beats within and pounds ever louder
to be free

Designer Dale

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Mar 25, 2009
Folding space
The dictionary says that a wrasse is a kind of fish (so it a trout) but has no entry for "wordily".
Wordily: ORIGIN Old English wordig (see word , -y 1 ).

Wrasse: ORIGIN late 17th cent.: from Cornish wrah; related to Welsh gwrach, literally ‘old woman.’

Talkative old women?


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