Poison Ivy


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Oct 6, 2005
or poison oak, whichever...

I've got the rash all over my left forearm...and actually a bit on my left knee and a spot on my right wrist. As long as I don't scratch, am I in danger of spreading it to other parts of my person? Precautions, anyone?

EDIT: putting mulch down on the girlfriend's lawn. Let me say this about taking up sod: however much sod you think you're going to pull up, it's going to be about 3 times that much. Oh, and it's heavy....dear god is it heavy


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Depending on how allergic you are to one or both of these, you can get rid of it by using Benadryl lotion and/or anti-itch cream. If it gets worse in a couple of days you may need a visit to the doctor for more strengent treatment.

I had poison oak once and it took a shot and antibiotics to get over it.


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The allergen in poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac is an oil produced by the plant. The only way the rash will spread is if the oil is moved to a new location on the skin. So be sure to wash any clothes and gloves and wipe down any tools you used with detergent. That oil can hang around for a couple of years on clothing.


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yeah man be careful with that stuff...it does hang around for ages. there's a bunch of treatments for it, but all seem to work differently on different people. just try not to spread it around to other people, as some are very allergic to it...i guess try and keep your arm covered up, and mos' definitely wash your clothes well!


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Jul 4, 2005
Remember, scratch it as often as possible - it's the only way to get rid of the itch.


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Aug 7, 2005
Portland, Oregon
The doctors have shots they can give if you have a severe reaction to poison ivy.

Oh my gosh, exactly two years I went to this party with a bon fire....a bon fire FULL OF burning poison ivy by mistake obviously. AND TRUST ME--it can be transmitted through smoke. I had it all over me---especially all over my chest--I could not wear a bra for a week I itched SO BAD!!! It was horrible. I had not gotten poison ivy since I was a kid so I forgot how bad it was!!! :eek:
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