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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by FloatingBones, Jul 18, 2011.

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    I noticed this app after a story on the site gregsramblings.com (link at bottom of this message).

    On its App Store page, the thing that raised my attention was the notes from reviewers bpsmx001 and Ecorob that note that the app crashes when a notification is dismissed. bpsmx001's review is after the latest updates for the app, so it apparently hasn't been fixed in the latest version.

    Presuming the bug is reported accurately, I'm disappointed that the developer didn't promptly address it. I'm also disappointed that Apple's run-through on apps doesn't include a check to make sure that asynchronous message notification works correctly. Am I being naive about the sanity checks that Apple does on apps?

    Does anyone know if this is a generic bug in the Adobe Flash/Flex environment?

    Anyone interested in checking out an Adobe cross-compiled app can check this out. The downside is that you'll be adding to the numbers to the news: Adobe Flex app is the #1 news app in iTunes App store.
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    I asked Greg on his blog if there was a bug in the politifact app or a general problem in the Flex environment. He replied there:
    I asked Greg to provide a few more details. It appears that a Flash dev must configure some specific hooks for iOS generated code to behave correctly in this environment. Perhaps some Flex users here could spell that out for us.

    I did not purchase this app, but I did download the free Simple Fitness Timer app, another Flex app, to see how it behaved. With this app, the timer would stop when it received a notification. I suspended and restarted the app several dozen times. About 1/3 of the time, the timer would run at approximately 30x the correct speed -- extremely flaky behavior. Those problems may have been related to the notifications I was sending to my iPod Touch.

    I chatted with some Flash developers who thought that cross-compiling for iOS would be a matter of just pushing a button. My conclusion is that far more will be required to have a Flash app run correctly on iOS.

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