Poll: How are you liking the touch bar?

Macbook Pro Touch Bar usage

  • I can't live without it

    Votes: 3 8.3%
  • I find it helpful

    Votes: 10 27.8%
  • It's just there

    Votes: 12 33.3%
  • It hinders me more than it helps me

    Votes: 7 19.4%
  • I absolutely can't stand it

    Votes: 4 11.1%

  • Total voters

Daniel L

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Sep 15, 2009
We're approaching the 1 year anniversary of the release of the Touch Bar Macbook Pro. Plenty of us have used it for quite a while and have become acclimated to it. I want to get a feel of how people are using it and how much they're enjoying it.
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Dec 22, 2012
Honestly, I barely use it. Sometimes I wish I had regular function keys, but more often than not, I'm indifferent.

Nick Milner

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Aug 15, 2017
Here's what mine looks like:


I set my system up over a number of full-screen Spaces. One for DevonTHINK, one a combo of Mail and OmniFocus, one for BusyCal, one for TweetBot, and one general desktop for browsing etc. I can use three-finger swipes to move between them all or just press the appropriate touch bar buttons to go to the most commonly used apps. I also have one for entering commonly used text snippets and I show the date and time for good measure. This works really nicely for me. YMMV!