Poll: What do you hope the product transition refers to?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by nickane, Jul 22, 2008.

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    Poll ???

    Do we have to vote for something ?? 1 through 9 perhaps ?
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    Oops. You have to make the post before making the poll, so when i went back and resubmitted it, rather than going forward it double-posted it.

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    1. Blu-ray might happen in the Mac Pro and the 24" iMac, because they are the only desktops capable of displaying at a HD res, and AFAIK, they don't have 9mm blu-ray drives for notebooks, and battery life is pathetic anyway.

    2. It is an old design, but there's nothing critically wrong with it. If it were to be changed, I'd like to see a user-replaceable HDD bay like there is in the Macbooks.

    3. SSD won't become the default now, because of lack of storage and price. Once SSD comes down to ~$1/gig, then it might become a viable alternative to HDD tech.

    4. Why would you need a tablet? Apart from full multi-touch (which would honestly irritate me on a notebook without a keyboard), they would be near useless.

    5. See 4

    6. If the MM became smaller, it'd be crossing into :apple:TV territory. I wouldn't mind an upgraded, more useful :apple:TV with a TV tuner and recorder in it, but i doubt it'd be called a Mac Nano

    7. As much as I would like it to happen, i really don't think it will. I want one to run CAD programs and games in, but since i'd have to boot into windows for that, I might as well build my own PC. It'd be cheaper than anything Apple (or any other manufacturer) could ever build.

    8. The compelling feature of a 12" MBP would be the graphics card, but I reckon the people who are looking for a graphics card in a notebook (softcore gamers, graphic designers, etc) would find a 12" display frustrating.

    9. As long as they keep the physical buttons on the iPods, I'm happy with that. I love the way I can perform basic functions to my iPod without even looking at it; you can't do that with a touchscreen.

    I reckon you shouldn't get your hopes up about Apple events, as it always leads to hundreds of wishful thinkers getting angry on event day. The only product I'm really interested in is Snow Leopard. That should be good when it hits the shelves :D

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