PONK HD = Tetris+bejeweled+flightcontrol+..original stuff ..

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    We are 3 brothers who developed a nice game PONK , PONK HD.

    We made this little puzzle in 3 months of hardwork and tweaking in all aspect of the game. The result was a ReInvention of the Match3 concept with great graphics.
    to sum it up : PONK = TETRIS + BEJEWELED + FLIGHT CONTROL + ..some unique stuff ..

    This is what our customers say about it
    “The gameplay consists of making matches of 3 by sorting the blobs of color. You have the ability to drag the colors all around the screen, not just in a single column like most match 3 games which is a nice feature. Due to this, Ponk is also a Sorter type game.”
    “Unlike most match three games that use some sort of virtual buttons or even some swipe controls, in Ponk you grab the pieces right out of the air and place them in the wall yourself.
    While grouping any three same colored pieces so they form a connected shape (a straight line or elbow) will clear them for you, if you want to make the big points you’ll need to make groupings bigger than 3, make consecutive matches in a row, or best of all, score matches in cascades (after clearing a group of pieces the remaining pieces fall right into another grouping of 3+ same colored pieces)!’

    "There are three modes of play which include Kaboum Mode, Klassik Mode, and Time Attack along with three difficulties of Novice, Casual, and Extreme. There are numerous powerups/special abilities to obtain as you play. "

    Moreover we have a UNIQUE never seen before in a puzzle game feature that is FREEZE MODE, that allows to freeze time/board , to move all the blobs to your liking for a limited time.

    3 GAMES Modes
    3 Difficulty per Mode
    43 achievments to unlock
    Openfeint integrated
    Polished graphics
    Autosave feature

    Links :
    Ponk ,
    Ponk HD (for Ipad Only) .


    we'd love to get your feedback
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    Nobody is going to give you feedback here... You should post some promo codes in the code sharing forum.

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