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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by mrmarts, Jul 7, 2013.

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    Hey Guys

    I sadly returned my first Apple TV which i got for my parents as a gift, the reasons for my return was because I was getting bad WIFI in the area the Apple TV was situated. FYI The TV is adjacent to a Kitchen, I bought a Airport Extreme with the AC protocol and extended the network with a time capsule.

    Even with the Airport extreme in the same room as the Apple TV the WI FI signal was weak. i tried resetting the Apple TV a number of times and even reseted the Airport extreme no luck. in other rooms the wi fi signal is great but this room has literally a black hole.

    I know microwaves and cordless phones can interfere with the signal, i tried unhooking them still no luck, my macbook is located at the back of the house, with plastered wooden walls surrounding it.

    Any ideas or suggestions on what might cause the interface its affecting all gadgets that enter the room.
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    If you mean TV antennas there are no TV antennas, the next neighbour has one does this has an affect on my WI FI signal, there is also a cable set top box hooked to the same TV.
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    You might try a network cable - if you can't run one try something like a:

    Actiontec PWR511K01 Wall Plug Network Adapter Kit - it runs your network through the wiring in your house.

    Last set I bought at Amazon was $42.00.

    Good Luck!
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    So do you experience the same phenomena with your Macbook? If you operate it in the "black hole room" do you get good wifi connectivity or not?


    No. TV antennas do not affect wifi networks, also very unlikely the cable box affects it.
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    TP-LINK TL-PA2010KIT AV200 Nano Powerline Adapter Starter Kit, up to 200Mbps
    I found this one to be smaller and cheaper.

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