Pop / Click Sound when audio input (mic / irig) plugged into iPad2

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    Jan 6, 2012
    Hey all - long post - thanks for your patience.

    Details: iPad 2 16gb 3g + wifi, iOS 5.0.1

    So I've invested quite a substantial amount of money to try and put together a mobile demo studio but I'm having an issue with a faint click or pop noise when I plug an input device into the headphone jack. The noise is pretty regular - every 30 secs or so - and it is noticeable with the volume turned up. It even shows up in the VU meter in each of the audio recording apps I have so it's loud enough to be annoying.

    I've tested with multiple input devices: irig mic, ampkit link, iPhone earbuds w/ built-in mic. At first I though it was the irig mic so I returned to the store and tested 3 others - same issue - so not likely an issue with the mic.

    Tested in GarageBand, vocalive, irig recorder - I hear the click whether monitoring or recording - with no extra audio processing or effects so I know it's not a processing power issue.

    After all these tests I started suspecting my iPad2 so I tried it on our work ipad2 (also a 3g model) - same click noise.

    I asked my brother to test separately with his irig mic first, then with a pair of iPhone earbuds (w/mic input) - no pop - perfectly clear on his iPad2 64gb wifi.

    I'm beginning to think it has something to do with the 3g circuitry but I've tested with my iPhone 4s - perfectly clear audio input. I've also put it on airplane mode and the issue persists.

    My question - can someone take a sec to test their iPhone earbuds w/ mic (or any other input device that plugs into the headphone jack) into an audio program where you can monitor the input, turn up the volume 80%+ and listen for clicks over a minute or two.

    I need to know whether I should be returning my iPad or living with imperfect audio input. :(
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    Jan 6, 2012
    I have talked to Apple on the phone and they have issued a replacement for my *brand new* iPad though I'm scared it won't solve the problem (I've tested and got the same pop on another 3g enabled ipad2).

    I figured I would make a short recording of the issue that I'm having so that I could explain a bit better.

    I recorded 45 seconds or so and uploaded to Soundcloud:


    Let me know your thoughts. This isn't unique to the irig mic - i have the same issue with any type of audio input device (iPhone earbuds w/ built-in mic, ampkit link, etc.)

    It's not loud but it's there and annoying enough to ruin the fadeout in a recording I did earlier this week.
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    Jul 7, 2013
    Any solutions?

    Hi mate.
    Have an iPad2 3G 16 GB and I'm becoming crazy beacuse of that nasty clicking noise.
    I algo have returned my iRig to the store but the new one has the same noise, appearing aproximately with a a similar frequency in time.
    I readed a solution for the iPhone that stated to turn it into airplane mode but i doesn't work in the iPad.
    So I'm running out of ideas.
    I was wondering to try it in other iPad but as I fear, you say the problem persist.
    Did you find any solution for this issue?
    Is really annoying to record with so poor quality.
    Other question, did you tried a Dock based recording device such as that from Apogee, or the brand new HD from IK Multimedia? Does the noise persist or is only a problem of the jack I/O?

    Thank you un advance

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