POP IT! for iPad Promo codes:

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    POP IT! for iPad Promo codes:

    DIRECT LINK: itms://itunes.apple.com/app/pop-it-hd/id380834728
    WEBSITE: http://www.popitapp.com/
    SHORT DESCRIPTION: Ultimate Popping App for your iPad!
    Like popping bubbles? How about popping hearts, balloons, planets, dollars, roses and many more SECRET types?! Now with REAL BUBBLES: beautiful, iridescent bubbles with all the colors of the rainbow!

    Popping like never before: Balloons pop into balloon pieces! Tomatoes squish into droplets! Dollars erupt into pennies! Planets explode! Roses puff into petals! Find the SECRET images (Hint: Look for something different, like a yellow rose or a lit light bulb) to UNLOCK the SECRET BUBBLE TYPES! Can you find them all? The ultimate bubble popper! Pop bubbles, shamrocks, heart-shaped bubbles-- even "mix up" with all the (unlocked) bubble types!

    Easy & fun to use:
    -TAP to make a bubble, or TAP a bubble to pop it!
    -SWIPE to make a bunch of bubbles at once!
    -SWIPE over many to rapid-fire pop a bunch!
    -SHAKE to switch to other types - hearts, clovers, or bubblehearts!
    -Hit "i" to go to settings and:
    - Select other modes -- try "bouncy" or "zany"!! Rotate your phone and try to keep them on screen!
    Save your magic: take a picture by pressing home + power!

    HIDDEN SECRET BUBBLE TYPES: Can you figure out how to UNLOCK the SECRET Bubble Types?

    Made by Jeff Wolverton, working feature film visual effects artist!
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    Assuming you are referring to the promo codes only being good in the US App Store, that isn't the developer's fault. It's Apple's.

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