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    Not sure if this is the rights forum but given I have just updated my MacBook Pro and this is the operating system now I thought I would ask.

    On my 2015 MacBook I used to use multiple pop gmail accounts with Mac mail and on my iPhone. During the day I would delete messages on my phone and at night open my computer, download all messages and file and delete how I pleased. I like to keep very few emails on my phone so could delete them with pop and still have back up copies on my computer.

    I can’t do that with imap as everything always syncs! Great for most. Not for me.

    So to the question. I need to know how I can create folders on my MacBook so I can save and file emails I want to keep on an offline basis. Is this possible? Anyone got a good way to set this up?

    Please let me know do you can. Thanks.
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    IMAP email still keeps local copies of all emails....you can read your emails off line.
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    Even if on my iPhone I have the delete option set to send to trash rather than archived?
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    I have never considered this before as I don't delete emails I want to keep, and if I delete them I want them gone, but looking in the Settings>iCloud>Mail(right at very bottom of screen after scrolling down)>Advanced is a screen where you can chose to move discarded messages to either the Deleted Mailbox, or to the Archive Mailbox. There is also a setting to remove deleted messages after one day, one week, one month or never. I would think one of these would be what you want, but I have only ever had mine set to go to the Deleted mailbox and removed after one week, so no experience of trying to keep deleted messages.
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    "I need to know how I can create folders on my MacBook so I can save and file emails I want to keep on an offline basis. Is this possible? Anyone got a good way to set this up?"

    i think i have a similar set up that achieves what you want to do.
    i have an iPhone and a mac.
    i use the iPhone to read email during the day. my iPhone message client is apple's standard Mail on the iPhone. i have no file or rules set up on the iPhone to direct incoming messages to any particular folder.
    on my mac i have alot of rules that i have set up to put incoming message directly into offline folders depending on various rules parameters set.

    my email accounts are all set to IMAP.

    on my phone after i read a message i either (1) delete it; with it going into Deleted Messages on the server, or, (2) just read it and leave it as Read in the incoming mail box.

    next time i am on my mac i download messages that are still on the server.
    the new unread messages go directly into folders if they are being downloaded for the first time, or, if they were read first on the phone they either are there still waiting in the inbox as read message but still available due to its IMAP, or, they may be in the Deleted messages on the server in which case they need to be deleted permanently by deleting them again.
    either way, to get messages on yr mac into pre-set up folders, you simply need make Rules that are applied to the messages and then the message will go into the Rules based folders you have set up.

    to set up Folders on yr mac is very straightforward. just make folders from yr menu bar in Mail: Mailbox/New Mailbox.
    then set up Rules to place incoming Mail into these Mailboxes.

    in Mail preferences i have set up my Mailbox Behaviors (Mail/Preferences/Accounts/Mailbox Behaviors) to all be On My Mac for Incoming, Drafts, Sent. For Archive the box has particular differences in the way that each mail account prefers and limits yr options - whether the Mail account is Gmail, iCloud, or other - each of these has its own preferred way of handling where Deleted messages are housed. but the differences are not meaningful in the end.

    i have the last 13 years of all my mail including all attachments that i have wanted to keep, kept in these off line folders. amounting to a total of 83GB.
    apple's macOS Mail program has not failed me during all this time.
    and, doing it this way has saved me multiple times when my macs have failed as its easy to backup the Library/Mail entire Mail folder.
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    Aug 10, 2006
    Just to comment that even emails which are not in an "On my Mac" mailbox have local copies for viewing off line. I used to think that "on-my-mac" folders were a safer place to archive my old mail and always kept it there, but the only problems I have had with mail were when the on-my-mac mailboxes became inaccessible in an OS update (I was not alone and able to restore from a backup). So nowadays I don't have any on-my-mac mailboxes.
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    Another useful (IMHO!) tip is to set up your mail rules for moving emails to different folders in Mail on iCloud.com. That way the emails are downloaded straight to the right folders on all devices, and you don't have to wait for local rules to activate and move them. The downside to server side rules is that they have fewer options, but sufficient for redirecting to different mailboxes, for me anyway.

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