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    Been logging into a Windows work server from home from my Snow Leo Mac using Remote Desktop Connection but it suddenly has stopped working. This is the message from the IT guy at work:

    "I can tell you that the lack of connectivity is on your end. Your router/firewall is blocking port 10422. TCP and UDP port 10422 cannot be blocked on your end."

    I have no idea what this is or how it happened. It was working fine until a few days ago. The only thing that's been done is that I unplugged my AEBS-AC for about half an hour to deal with a slow Xfinity connection. After that, this problem seems to have occurred. I don't know if it's coincidence or if they are related. I have little network experience or skills so I don't know how to resolve this. Any suggestions? TIA.
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    Your IT department's statement doesn't seem to make sense. Firewalls typically block incoming traffic, but when you initiate a connection, the responses should be allowed in. Unless you recently changed firewall settings, highly unlikely.

    Snow Leopard is pretty old, so not sure what SW will work. But I assume you have App Store access, you might try the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the App Store. It lists 10.9+ in compatibility, so this might not be an option.

    Also, you might try VNC or TeamViewer or something similar on both machines. If the target is a Server OS, TeamViewer will require a paid license, if it is a desktop OS, you can get by with the free account.

    Unfortunately, the OS is no longer actively supported and many apps have moved on. Given security in the tech world these days, updates on the Windows side might have killed your ability to connect with the old Microsoft RDC app that Apple ships with the OS. Since MS has moved on an supports the newer MS Remote Desktop app in MAS, chances are the old app is just no longer compatible with the most recent Windows updates.

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