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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by igorifv, Apr 12, 2017.

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    Apr 12, 2017
    Good evening,
    I've read the post here at this Forum talking about how to access the Airport Extreme Disk over the internet.
    I would like to create a file server and to access the AEBs Disk over the internet.

    The problem is that i've being trying everything with no success and i would appreciate if anyone could help me.

    I'm using a AiportExtreme in a Bridge Mode with Static IP address.
    The main router is a Service Company router and gives the LAN IP as So, everything needs to be configured in the First Router.

    So... my steps till now:


    - I've created the DDNS account (example.ddns.com)
    - AEBs is in Bridge Mode.
    - I've fixed the ip address on the AEBs.
    - I've set to use dynamic global hostname o he AEBs (not sure if its necessary)
    - Enabled file sharing

    Main ROUTER:

    - I've port forward the address as shown below:
    1. Airport Extreme_1 - Protocoll (ALL); Externam Port (548), Internal Port (548), IP (static ip set to AEBs), Protocol (Both).
    2. Airport Extreme_2 - Protocoll (ALL); Externam Port (445), Internal Port (445), IP (static ip set to AEBs), Protocol (Both).

    On this router i didn't set the DDNS service or DMZ.


    1. I've checked the ports through the Website Port Check and the port 548 is open, BUT THE 445 STILL CLOSE - Whats wrong?
    2. How do i access the disk now?
    - When i type the ddns address from another network ( using my iPad for example or other mac) nothing happens or it goes straight to the main router configuration page (when i don't use the port number at the end of the address).
    - When i type the address and port using my computer (without type the port at the end) it seems to work (afp://example.ddns.net).
    3. When i try to connect via iPhone using another network it doesn't accept the "afp" address. But if i type the ddns address without the port, like example.ddns.net it goes straight to the main ROUTER configuration page - why is that?
    4. It doesn't work when i tried to access through a windows computer - how to access via Windows?

    Please anyone could help me how to figure this out?

    Thanks in advance for the support.
  2. priitv8 macrumors 68030

    Jan 13, 2011
    Re SMB/port 445 - are you sure your ISP does not block ports? You can't expect AEB to share a NTFS disk. It only sees and supports HFS+ and FAT32 formatted disks.

    Re iOS - out of the box, iOS does not have any facility to access network disks. There are apps available, that do, however

    Re main router - do you definitely need one?
    The easiest way to make disks available to Mac computers anywhere would be to use Back to my Mac. You would not need to mess anything with DDNS, VPN or port forwarding.
    It will be no use for any iOS or non-macOS device, however. Plus, your ABE should be the outer router, in NAT mode and logged in to iCloud.

    re DDNS - you basically do not need to set that on a router. You only need to have DDNS updater anywhere on a network, that sees your external IP being changed and sends update to your DDNS provider. I used long time my D-Link NAS for that purpose.
    In practical terms, however, if your external router can handle DDNS update, it will be the easiest and most fool-proof solution. PS AEB-s have a hard time being DDNS updaters, their setup is more complicated than others.
    See this article for details: https://help.dyn.com/airport-and-time-capsule-with-dynamic-dns/
    I never got mine (ABE 4th gen, directly connected to ISP) to work, hence the use of D-Link NAS.

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