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    Is the rMB12 really so much more portable than the rMBp13. I think size wise the difference is too small, maybe weight wise ? However if you add the extra weight of adapters the rMB needs than the weight difference is probably also not that different. Also portability for me means that if no adaptor is needed it is more portable not taking weight and size into account.
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    I picked the 13" as for the little weight and size difference, the 11" was not worth it.

    To me the loaded MBAir 13 is hard to beat.
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    If you need adapters I'm assuming you are carrying around all kinds of other crap to plug into the adapters (or the ports on MBA or MBP). So the extra adapter shouldn't add much bulk compared to all the accessories you are plugging in.
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    Uh, ok, but if you need an adapter, it means you are carrying at least one peripheral, and this already negates portability.

    What's more cumbersome ? An external hard drive, or an adapter cable ?
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    I would wager once people get their hands on these, the size and weight difference will become apparent. The 13" rMBP is already a fair bit smaller in overall footprint than the 13" Air, and the 13" Air is a full pound heavier than the new MacBook. That's before you take into account the power brick that most people will still carry with them daily - and the new one should be considerably lighter.

    For most people, one adapter will be fine to keep in their bag, and it should weigh about 1oz. And as stated, compared to the other crap you keep in your bag, be almost invisible.

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