Portable charger with built-in wall plug and 30-pin connector?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by swiftbmx, May 10, 2012.

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    Hi guys,

    Scoured the internet but came up with nothing. Im looking for a portable charger with built in battery that has both a 30-pin connector built in and wall-plug. This way I won't forget either a usb cable or be forced to plug a portable charger into a computer when I'm not near one. Was able to find a few charger with either the wall plug built in or 30 pin connector and not both.

    Any help?
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    Just make your own kit with any wall plug-to-USB adapter and the dock cable.

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    Crap I forgot to mention the most important part. I'm looking for one of those built in battery chargers like the mophie juice pack reserve quick boost. Exactly what I'm looking for but it has a darn mini USB port to charge it. Hope that helps
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    Well... The 30 pin connector is not built in but the Zagg Spark is the one device that I would look at. If you have an extra 30pin cable you can just leave it plugged in. The Spark has 2 usb ports so you can charge something else at the same time. Its $99 bones so its not cheap but they are always running 50% off promos. Follow Zagg on Twitter and you are sure to get the coupon code.
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