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Wade F

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Feb 21, 2013
Portable external monitor for MacBook Pro.


I'm wondering if anyone out-there has experience with options for portable external monitor for MacBook?

Here's my situation: I'm doing some charity work in the Solomon Islands, editing on a my trusty 13" MBP some hefty video projects with FCP 7. One film is 3 hours long with over 150 hrs of video! A lot data to jam into a 13" screen and I’d LOVE to have a second monitor to spread out a bit.

Easy you say! But here’s where it gets interesting. I’m dependant on solar power with only a small battery bank. So standard mains powered monitor is not an option and that’s why I'm looking for something portable. Preferably able to be powered by 12vDC or USB.

Wondering if anyone has first hand experience with this and in particular using with FCP 7?

I’ve read that an iPad can be configured as an external monitor. Anyone got any experience with this and FCP 7? I found reference to FCP X but none to 7, though I can’t imagine'd be difference? Trawling the net also came upon some portable USB powered monitors, but all seemed pretty new and limited in their availability.

No point reinventing the wheel, as the phrase goes, so casting this question out and if anyone with experience with this stumbles upon this post, I’d be grateful of the advice. I’m in Australia for a couple of months where one can access such things (computer hardware), then back to the Solomons, where things IT, unless it can be built with coconut fronds or hard wood, forget it!




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Feb 9, 2008
Yeah, I would have suggested the iPad via Air Display. It uses WiFi, so it's not exactly lag free, but it can be USB powered.

Ultimately, if you're really working that long, I would get a 15" MacBook Pro (or even the rMBP).
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