Portable iPhone Charger 50% off

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by drewdiscount, Feb 16, 2012.

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    not to be a hater on this deal but i would do a little research before biting

    first, this charger fails after a few months and stops working. this is documented in various reviews on Amazon and other retail sites.

    the reviews are poor and while it's stupid to trust one or two negative reviews it seems foolish to ignore 30-40 negative reviews.

    finally, the price is 50% off so 50 dollars? thats not a very good deal. Amazon currently is selling the same model for 52 dollars no tax, free shipping. I dont know if there is tax and shipping costs but if there is it comes out almost the same price or more.

    few years ago there were no "deals" online, now more and more people are checking slickdeals and fatwallet and other deal sites and there are various deals popping up everywhere. however, it remains important to stay informed before hastily making a purchase because the supposed sale could be the regular price the item has been for months, like in the case of this charger.
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    good bump of a 1 month old thread offering a discount only good for one day! :rolleyes:
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