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    I received my Alano Collection case from Portenzo today. I ordered it back on September 29th and had it shipped via Fed Ex 2-Day Express, so the company is certainly taking a while to get these manufactured. Still, my case was custom (which I'll get into below) and each case is handmade, so although the wait was excruciating, the case was completely worth the wait.


    This is my first leather case. I have previously owned cases from Speck, Switcheasy, and Mophie, which each had their pros and cons. None of them looked as stunning as this Portenzo case does. I ultimately chose the Ledger design because of its unique look. I was drawn to the Passport design also, but there is just something about the little book look to the Ledger that won me over. In person, it is a thing of beauty.

    The combined weight of the case and phone is probably double the weight of the iPhone 6 Plus alone, but it does not add a lot of bulk. I like my current wallet and I didn't want to get a wallet case because of all the bulk it adds to the case, so I decided against the Alano Wallet case. The case I received keeps the footprint of the phone small, but the sacrifice is that it probably will not protect against bad falls.

    FullSizeRender (3).jpg

    The case actually has two parts to it. There is the outside cover with the Ledger design. Then, there is the inside part, which has a rubber feel to it. The phone snaps into this part, keeping the phone secure. On the left side there are cutouts for the mute switch and the volume buttons. Because this part of the case is rather thin, these buttons are very easy to get to unlike most other cases. It drives me crazy when cases make these buttons difficult to interact with, so this design really impressed me. On the right side, there is a cutout for the wake/sleep button, while the whole bottom and top remain open.

    FullSizeRender (6).jpg

    The one thing that was missing on the item listing for the Alano Collection case on Portenzo's site was an option to include an Intellistand, which essentially allows the case to be propped up in landscape mode. The option is given on the order page for the Alano Wallet, though, so I reached out to their customer service. They gladly agreed to add an Intellistand for $10 (the same price it costs to add it to the wallet), but also said that since it was a custom case I wouldn't be able to return it if I didn't like it. I took the risk and am so happy I did. The Intellistand will come in very handy when I Facetime or just want to watch something on Netflix or YouTube. The left side of the phone easily detaches from the case (it is attached to the leather case via a strong magnet).

    Tangent: This leads into a misunderstanding I had about the case. The wallet version of the Alano case is also two parts, but the rubbery case the phone snaps into actually completely detaches from the outside cover. I was under the impression that this would be true for the non-wallet version as well. I'm not sure why. The only part where my case detaches is for the Intellistand, which is the left side of the phone. The right side of the phone's case seems to be glued to the outside cover. I was hoping to be able to detach the phone from the outside cover and still have a case around it. Comes in handy like when you have to place the phone on a holster in the car. But, I found that this case still fits securely if the front cover is folded all the way back and then placed there. I get why it's manufactured that way for the wallet case - that way you don't always have to flash your cards and money while using the case, my biggest pet peeve about Twelve South's Book Book cases. Either way, this tangent was meant for anyone who could have the same misunderstanding as me (or, you know, it could just be me as the description on the site clearly states that the poly-satin frame is "permanently attached :)).

    FullSizeRender (1).jpg

    The leather is pretty thin, actually much thinner than I thought it would be, which is why the case is not that bulky. Again, it probably means there is minimal protection and the case won't protect against bad falls onto concrete, but the style more than makes up for it (I say that now - hopefully I won't regret saying that. Just have to be careful with it). I am in love with the case. It feels really nice in my hands. I actually find that it's easier to use the iPhone 6 Plus with one hand with this case on. Because the front cover folds around to the back of the phone, it gives my hand something else to hold onto while I reach across that gigantic screen. I'm much less worried about dropping the phone. It provides for a better grip, which I am thankful for.

    FullSizeRender (2).jpg

    As for the strap that holds the case closed, I find that I am hesitant to constantly use it. Less to do with the inconvenience of strapping the case closed, to only open it moments later, I am more worried about the strap wearing and tearing. I adore the way the case looks with the strap holding the case closed (so cool), but it's definitely form over function when using it. I've mostly been leaving the strap off for now. I'm not sure how much I will use it going ahead. I like having it there, nonetheless, even if I have to hold the strap down at times to ensure it doesn't get in the way of the camera lens.

    I would, without a doubt, recommend this case to others. If you're looking for a folio-style case that is not a wallet case, you would be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful case this well-made. The stitching looks so nice! The little imperfections on the outside spine of the case really drive home the point that each of these are handmade. At this point, the case is tough, but that will change as the leather breaks in. For now, the cover of the case does not stay closed if I don't tie the strap around the case - it pops right open on its own, especially since at times I've folded the front cover back. It just needs some time - I'm sure as it breaks in, it will stay closed on its own. Another thing I'm looking forward to is how the leather will look after continued use. It feels like great leather, which means that in a few months, the imperfections in the leather will make the case even more gorgeous.

    Bottom line: It's pricey, yes - $59.95 for the iPhone 6, $69.90 for the iPhone 6 Plus, and my Intellistand addition brought my case to a total of $79.90. (Tip: I saved 10% off that by just googling Portenzo coupon codes.) And it does take a few weeks for the production process (at the moment, Portenzo is quoting 14-20 business days). It's clearly a premium product - you can tell both from its sexy design and the way it feels in your hands - meaning it's definitely not for everyone. But if you like quality, the Alano Collection case packs it in. Portenzo knocked this one out of the park. I can't wait to use this for the next two years before the iPhone 7's design change forces me to leave this case behind. That will be a sad day indeed.
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    Sorry about that. I edited the post and think I fixed them. It's weird because the images were showing up for me fine yesterday. Seems to be working again - hopefully, it's all good now.

    I've attached a few more images here below for a closer look at the case, its material, and its cutouts:


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    Thank you... Looks great! Cant wait to get mine!
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