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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by wongulous, Jun 25, 2007.

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    Nextel in the past several years has heavily pushed a transparent option on user accounts called NumberGuard (and other names) that is supposedly "protection" form having your number ported without authorization... as if that were even possible with the actual process and levels of verification (or as if it would do you any good to have Joe Schmoe's phone number). Anyway, it will prevent you from getting an iPhone if you do not call Nextel's customer service to request the removal of the number porting block.

    In other words, it'll be another attempt opportunity for them to "save"/"retain" you as a customer, and they'll likely pull out all the stops when it comes to misinformation/FUD, in addition to oh-so-graciously offering you marginally deeper handset discounts in exchange for your renewed 2-year contract.

    Generally, when they're probing you for info and it gets to the point where they're aware that you're trying to leave as a customer, they have certain "attempts" they must make, if not outright scripts, so expect them to push a bit, but the less information you give, probably the better to save their time and keep it polite between everyone and get off the call.
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    I'll keep this in mind.:D

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