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    Nov 30, 2014
    Dear friends
    I have been hacked badly in India:apple: I have Macbook air and i feel they hacked my computer and opened the ports. I have done a port scan and the following port was opened .

    Can anyone help me to understand whether hackers can actually do this?

    my specific query is with regards to Mac, The following ports has been opened . I had issues with Trojan and feel some of the ports have been opened

    I understand some of ports like 55696 can be used for malicious software and trojans?? Following are my Ports open. Can you tell me how to close Ports and do the below pose a threat?

    Open TCP Port: 80 http

    Open TCP Port: 110 pop3

    Open TCP Port: 143 imap

    Open TCP Port: 631 ipp

    Open TCP Port: 993 imaps

    Open TCP Port: 995 pop3s

    Open TCP Port: 7505

    Open TCP Port: 12080

    Open TCP Port: 12110

    Open TCP Port: 12143

    Open TCP Port: 12993

    Open TCP Port: 12995

    Open TCP Port: 55696

    Port Scan has completed…

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    May 3, 2009
    Do you have the OS X firewall turned on?

    I'd also get an app such as LittleSnitch

    I don't know how hackers do their thing, but I'd use some software to minimize the risk

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