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    I am working with a store to get them an iPad POS, and I saw a stand at a frozen yogurt store that had a customer facing display (like a pole display, I guess) in the bottom of it. I can't find it online at all and the employee there didn't know. It was aluminum and held the iPad horizontally. Does anyone have an idea of what it is and where I can find it?

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    Was it this one

    I was just in one of the shops and took a snap shot. Did it look like this.


    This is from Revelsystems.com

    I also have some others i just have to find them and I will post, I have been following the POS industry for a while and believe these guys have their stuff together the most. It is a new realm and they are in the infancy of this very old industry so do not expert all features but this company sure does have the most of all of them out there.

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