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POSITIVE Apple Music thread


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Jan 27, 2014
This is a thread for positive comments for Apple Music users. Keep criticism and complaints in the other threads.

I never liked Spotify much as soon as this hits for my Androids I'm going there.

Apple Music is nice because it plays nice with my iTunes purchases which I plan to continue with.


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Jul 13, 2008
If I was able to save playlists and songs for offline listening without being forced to the whole messy "iCloud Music Library" appro, I could only talk positively about Apple Music. It's by far the nicest streaming offer to discover new music for me, both because of the curated playlists etc. and the fact that it is integrated into iTunes / the iOS music app which makes me use it far more often and comfortable.

In theory.

However, Apple doesn't give me an option to use AM side by side with my music management, but instead tries to force me to use their iTunes Match 2.0 with its radical "all or nothing" approach (e.g. when it comes to choose which playlists you want to sync) and destructive iTunes library destroying power (at least for people like me with a huge, well-maintained music collection) - and all this JUST to simply let me – as a paying streaming service user! – save playlists. Crazy, simply crazy.

Sorry for the second part with the criticism, but again: If this problem is hopefully solved soon, Apple Music will by far my favorite streaming service, like Beats Music was before. It's much less fun to simply discover some great new music on Spotify, at least for me.
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May 19, 2015
I love it. For the London price of two pints of beer a month, I have access to a lot more music than I ever did - baked into the Music app alongside my library. I could never be bothered having separate apps like Spotify, etc, I wanted everything in one place - and now it is.

I've already discovered a ton of new music thanks to it, even from genres I had barely listened to before by delving into some of the curated playlists.

Sure, there's a few minor complaints and some odd UI choices, but these will be sorted out eventually.

Thumbs up from me.


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Mar 14, 2012
Yea, people prefer to whine and complain. Oh, wow, the glass is 10% empty!

Yes, Apple Music is a buggy mess. Not the first Apple service that starts out like that. But I think since the service was launched, I have listened to about 12 hours of music. So I can whine all I want about the bugs, it doesn't change the fact that I have gotten quite a lot of value out of this. Without paying a single Cent so far.

Once I have managed to add the songs I want to a playlist, everything works great. No crashes, no hickups, no distortions, no other weird issues. So the main function of this service actually works very very well for me. All the other stuff are highly annoying but circumstantial bugs that will get fixed.

The "For You" recommendations are really very good, and I have already gotten some interesting new stuff out of that. The automatically generated radio stations are also great, and I have a growing "Discovered on Apple Music" playlist.

When I was a teenager, I discovered music by hanging out with other guys my age with a similar taste of music, and someone brought in a new album, and we listened to it and got hooked on it. I actually got calls from friends who got some new music they wanted me to listen to. I haven't been in a situation like this for 25 years, because as an adult, I really don't hang out with other adults who say, "Hey, I got this great new album, let's check it out!" Apple Music gives me that feeling again, no matter how annoying this or that bug might be.
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