Positive SR MBP post..those on the fence please read....

Tom McMahon

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Aug 1, 2007
Orlando, Florida
I've been a Microsoft OS user for EVER and after five years with my current Dell(s), it was time for an upgrade. Due to a new addition to the family (first child), the role of video editing was added to the list of requirements. I know nothing about video editing, so I asked people who do. ALL said Mac. It didn't really matter which one, as long as it was a Mac. OK fine, Mac it is. Um..... I know nothing about Macs. OSX? What the heck is that? It can't be that hard....right? Thankfully, or maybe not :), I was told about Macrumors. Its provided a wealth of information including the ever important "when to buy" (why I originally visited). Then I found the forums, which scared the crap out of me. Very rarely do you read a positive thread on here and the thought of purchasing a $2500 problem was NOT on my list of things to do. I eventually decided I had to see one (MBP) for myself (I was going to order online). Boy am I glad I did. After visiting the local Apple store and having a Genius run a MBP through its paces I, without hesitation, handed over my credit card and drove home the proud owner of a 15.4" SR C2D 2.4GHz.

Its been great! No issues what so ever! I have a week 25 build with a perfect Samsung screen. I still do have some concerns but, with Applecare and some other sites (powerbookmedic.com) I'm confident this computer will be useful for many years to come. In fact, my wife, who wasn't thrilled at my purchase, wants one of her own!

Now, if I could just get a handle on Final Cut I'd be a REALLY happy camper :)


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Jun 27, 2007
Good! Welcome to the family. AS a fellow 15" MBP 2.4 owner, I know how you feel owning such a slick tool. It is pure joy to use a Mac - any Mac - and the laptops doubly so.


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Apr 29, 2007
East Lansing, MI
I'm glad to hear you are happy with your purchase. I am in the same boat with you; I've had nothing but positive experiences with my SR MBP :)

One thing I will say though is that OSX is not the unstoppable fortress that everyone says. It does crash and have hiccups every so often just as Windows does. It seems to crash on different kinds of things than Windows though. I'm not complaining at all though. The amount of development that goes into an OS... there are bound to be flaws.

But like I said, I'm loving it :D


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Mar 20, 2007
It's a way of life - people don't usually post when they are happy about something; or join a forum just to say they are really satisfied with their purchase. People post here because they have problems etc.

You can't use forums as a guideline to how many people have problems with a $2500 machine.

I own a MBP and I love every bit of it. Not had any problems, and it has exceeded my expectations greatly.
I'm on my 7th? OS X Mac and still loving it.

I'm having the worst run with a mac so far with my SR 17". There have been a lot of changes over the last few years and Apple have been busy with the iPhone, iTunes and the iPod, possibly leaving insufficient time to properly sort out some of the intel transition issues pre-release. The last month...

Week 1: blotchy screen.
Week 2: kernel panics.
Week 3: font issues.
Week 4: no audio, the final straw, it's going back Monday morning!

Total work done using this mac in the last month, about 50 Hours!

After an excellent run with all my other macs and only 1 repair (screen replacement) in 6 years, I am confident Apple will sort the SR MBP problems out soon.

You must expect the "help" forums to be full of problems! My tack is that 1 lemon out of 7 is pretty good.


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Jan 10, 2005
the capitol
my .02 as 10yr Apple user

I agree with the generally positive review. I have the LG matte LCD display and it takes some getting use to, but its generally quite sharp, however I prefer the quality of my Thinkpad X60T display, it's just easier on the eyes, more even and clear or something. The power of the MBP with 10.4.x makes it a worthy upgrade from the Powerbook 12" I had originally, though I prefer the build quality of the PB, I guess I will buy Applecare. Personally I haven't had any crashes in 3mo doing normal things and using WoW.