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Jul 11, 2008
Central New York
When I use the default Music App in iOS 8, while in artist view and attempting to scroll using the sidebar (A through #) it will work towards the top, maybe A-B, will not work in-between until about T-#. However, in Album view, side scrolling works absolutely fine through the entire A-#. Also, that side of the screen always works when outside the app, so I know it is not a screen issue, therefore not worried my screen is defected. I just think this is a small, yet inconvenient glitch/bug in Music---->Artist view, especially with someone who has over 8,000 songs on his phone and many, many, many different artists.

Wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I am running a Gold iPhone 6 64GB.

If no one else has experienced this, I will still send in a bug report to Apple, but I have a feeling it will get fixed in iOS 8.0.1.


PS: I restarted my phone, did a hard-reboot and neither of these things fixed the problem. Just though I would state that so people do not go all crazy responding, "Did you restart/hard-reboot your phone." I have a feeling this may be a glitch that effects a small majority, or I may be proven wrong. Either way, I have faith it will be fixed.


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Sep 29, 2014
I'm having this exact problem as well, iPhone 6 running iOS 8.0.2. Hopefully it gets fixed soon, I agree it's annoying with a large library!
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