Possible iTunes Update?


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Feb 24, 2002
Highlands Ranch
I was having an issue with importing into iTunes my music cds and so i called apple care and the guy on the phone was a real *******, but thats not the point. Anyways, he said that he had heard of this happening with the iTunes 3.0 lately and that there should be some kind of update real soon, I dont know if this guy was jerking me or if he was serious. Anyways, what u guys think? i personally hope it has the iTunes rendevous service in it, that would make my day!


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May 24, 2002
'Toba, Canada
hmm i hope theres an update coming out soon....then some ppl will be happy :p

i hate when the tech support ppl are total jerks, u pay good money for support to only get ppl who are bitchy n make u even madder than u currently are..
i had problems with my hp burner (yes peecee :() and i tried to send it to hp for 2 - 3 months, n they kept telling me to do all these instructions, which i did, and it never seemed to work (faxed a receipt n such to hp), cuz they say they never got it, bs, it was the right # n everything...
and a few days b4 the warranty expired we finally got ahold of hp n sent it in, n got a replacement....but they charged my dads credit card just incase i didnt return this one...even tho its only 8x cd-r drive and 2 years old..


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Jul 25, 2002
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I've heard a lot of speculation about an iTunes 3.0.1 type update, and I've heard that rendezvous won't be enabled until iTunes 4, which will most likely be unveiled at next summers MacWorld NY. My brother works as a programmer for Apple and he said that they are having a lot of trouble with enabling renezvous in update to many of the iApps. He also said that an iChat update might be out in October because they have discovered numerous problems with it.


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Aug 5, 2002
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Re: Possible iTunes Update?

Originally posted by swahilibill
I was having an issue with importing into iTunes my music cds and so i called apple care and the guy on the phone was a real *******, but thats not the point.
Yeah, what is with this? I called Applecare concerning a question i had about the pro speakers, and after the guy was done making an obnoxious laugh at me because i told him i didn't buy applecare yet (its a brand new iMac, so i'm still within the 90 days of phone support), he made a few sarcastic remarks and treated me like an idiot.Maybe we had the same guy. The question by the way was regarding those speaker grilles that are on all the pro speakers in the apple store. Mine didn't come with those, so first i asked the people at the store, they told me to call tech support. the applecare guy told me that they were a separate product i had to purchase, and that they weren't an Apple branded product. Can anyone clarify this issue for me? (sorry for goin off the thread topic:) )
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