Possible Mac Fraud


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Mar 13, 2002
Hello all. This is my first post, although i have been an avid reader for a few months.

Right before the 933 were released, I was on this site non-stop for rumors of when the new boxes would be released, specs, etc. I came across a post about a wholesaler going by the name of SHADOWSB at auctionworks.com that had cheap macs. Not being rich, I quickly went there and was astonished at their prices and quickly made an order.

Now, almost two months later, i have no computer and it is doubtful i'll get my hard earned money back. They are a fraud. I've already filed with the BBB, police, etc. and I have connected with other people who have placed orders and are in the same boat - I have a feeling there may be hundreds out there who are being cheated like me.

I am posting this not to cry, but to sound the alarm, because their site is STILL UP and they are still accepting orders! I was so excited to get a 933 and now I have nothing and my small business can't absorb this blow! I hope nobody else falls for the same scam.

As I said before, this is my first post, and I did so only because I don't want anyone else to be taken by these crooks.



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Jan 13, 2002
secret city
well hell ya... if thats the case mischief.... then he should e-mail apple and ask them to help out. do it. i really want this guy to get his money back and all those who have fallen under the same scam...if possible. its sucks that there are punks out there like this who take money away from people who work hard for it. the law should be slammed down on them like no ones bussines.


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Aug 1, 2001
Santa Cruz Ca
My Apple Mole is on it.

She doesn't work in R&D but all that Legal wierdness......... she got down to a science.

I'll post her reply when I get word back.



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Mar 13, 2002
Thank you for your help. You dont' know how much it means.

I am the "son" part of a father & son biz and these people have delivered a serious blow to us. I really hope people learn from my mistake, that the internet is full of great people (like all of you) and crooked thieves too.

Thanks again. And if anyone else has had this experience with these crooks, please let me know. I've had over 20 other people join the battle, all of whom got ripped off.


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Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA
I almost thought I was a victim with my 30 gig IBM Travelstar purchase...

spoke to a rep at Apple and a sheriff's office in Texas....nothing happened....was glad of that....

usually, though, I go by this piece of advice my dad gave me years ago...

if something seems too good to be true....it probably is...

good luck man! hope u come out ok with this! ;)


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Oct 28, 2001
San Luis Obispo, CA

A few weeks ago, I almost bought 3 brand new 667MHz Powerbook G4s, 30G HD for 3800 dollars. The guy wanted to use escrow-gold, with e-gold, or there would be no deal. I bought escrow gold, but before wiring the money, I did a little more rearch. Turns out that this guy is a fraud, and is in BIG BIG trouble with the FBI.

He goes by the name of "Roger Stevens" from Romania/


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Jan 31, 2002
Credit Card.

Did you order with a credit card. Most have fraud protection so you might be able to get your money back that way. Just a thought.



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May 5, 2001
i almost had a disaster like this as well. I was planing on buying a used powerbook g3 lombard from some one off of ebay. The thing came with an amazing amount of software and was stocked up to the gills in ram and other goodies, i couldn't resist. Well it turned out this person lived in taiwan and they requested that i wire transfer the money. So I blindly did so and waited. A few days passed and I recieved no word on whether the money had been recieved or not. Then out of the blue the taiwan seller emails me requesting that i send the money. So i scrambled to the bank and discovered that they had withheld the wire transfer.The taiwanese bank i was told to transfer it to had no record of the account I was to transfer to belonging to my seller! The account was there but no under the name that i was sending the money to! Well I got on the horn right away and discovered that this person was in more than a little bit of trouble for fraud. I learned my lesson from that close call. Hopefully you will be as lucky.


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Nov 8, 2001
Sin City
shadowsb sucks!

they suck! i ordered an ipod through them for 325, i did not get it for over a month because all their sales are presales, i eventually called the boss directly and finally go the thing only to discover the battery life somewhere around a sad 3 hours and i requested a refund and am getting the run around, lots of people have had problems with them, they are suspended from ebay also!

do not buy from them! i hate generic emails from CSRs who will not return phone calls!
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