Possible Magnet Fix to Yoobao Leather Slim iPad 2 Case

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by funkycheese, Apr 6, 2011.

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    Apr 3, 2011
    I got my Yoobao case on monday and dam, the smell is too strong. Have some kind of oily chemical that leaves on your hands. Yoobao really messed up big on a beautiful case. The magnet defect and the smell. Im surprised that there was alot of glowing reviews for a while before I ordered mine with very mention of the magnet issue and the smell. But dam its a shame too, didn't know they can mess up a perfectly looking case.

    So I handwashed the case inside out with handsoap and squeezed the excess water out with the back of a comb and let it air dry. Next day, i could smell 20% of it. Going to hand wash it again and might think of soaking it in something to get the chemicals out. Then maybe let it sit in front of a fan?

    But I might have figured about the magnet issue after playing around with it for a while with the refridgerator magnets. Someone posted a link on youtube where the spots were where it turns it on and off. So that helped out. And another poster said there is no magnet issues with the smart covers. So issues is that Yoobao used a very strong magnet for the smart function. Same with using a refridgerator magnets, get it anywhere close to that sensor, and it will turn it on or off. Front, back, sides.

    So out of a hunch, I picked up tape magnets you can get at lowes cheap for $1.20 today and tested it out on the ipad 2. Sure it enough, it works perfect. It's weak enough that if you place the exposed magnets on the sensor on the front, it will shut off. Place it on anywhere on the back or the sides of the ipad 2 and it will do nothing. The magnet field is too weak to go through the metal back. And the magnets are soft enough that it will not scratch. I noticed there were 3 magnets on the yoobao case. Carefully cut and replace the magnet that they use to turn on the sensor and replace it with the tape magnet. Maybe use some hotglue to stick it on permanantly.

    I believe the last 2 magnets is for the purpose of cover of the case to stay shut. Maybe replace those magnets with a stronger ones like ones on ebay. Lowes near my home didnt have any. Neodymium magnets, the really thin ones. It looks tough so might wanna put felt or something on it. Because when I place refridgerator magnets on the ipad 2, the other spots held on the magnets real good. This might solve the other issue to keep the covers on the case tight when not in use. Maybe add magnets to the edges of the front cases and the fold cover so it will slap shut.

    Lastly maybe add more strong magnets on back of the case and on the front cover so that it will stick or click when you fold it back and it will hold.

    Wanna throw the ideas out there since I can't do nothing to it until I get rid of the smell out first. So far the testing wise looks promising.

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    Good work there!

    Maybe the tape magnet idea could work with ANY case. It's a hack, but then again these cases are hacks (most of them that is).

    Perhaps just a shutting on/off feature hack would be easy enough without major surgery

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