possible new batch of rMBPs with serial # ending in 01?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by radiohead14, Nov 8, 2013.

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    hi all, so after going through 5 exchanges (some of you might've seen my other thread), due to pretty much real bad luck and encountering every single issue known here (image burn/ghosting, yellow blotches on screen, fragile display, freezing).. i almost gave up.. decided to just return my last one completely. but as i was about to leave the apple store.. i decided that i'm a sucker for punishment, and i'm not gonna give up yet.. one more try...

    so i end up going for my 6th try at this, but this time.. i wondered if getting the higher tier 13" 2.6/512gb configuration would break my bad luck streak (i had the 2.4 8/256gb configuration before).. i figured.. more expensive.. maybe apple assigned more careful people to assemble these and pick out parts from a better bin..? wishful thinking, but i truly hoped so...

    apple gave me a pretty good discount, and in addition.. let me pick out free stuff worth up to $150 for all my troubles. so getting the more expensive configuration actually ended up being a bit less expensive for me. i give apple customer service credit for being good during my ordeal.

    anyway.. my new one now has a serial # ending in 01. all 5 of my previous bad rMBP's had serial #'s ending in 00. i'm not gonna say that this one is perfect, as i've jinxed myself before by saying that.. but let's just say that this one is a keeper so far. what i noticed first was that the keyboard keys are exactly like my 2011 Air's (which i loved).. where it has a bit of a concave shape to it, has a more matte coating, and a bit more travel than all 5 of the previous ones i've returned.

    so i wonder if this is from a newer batch? do any of you have one with a serial # ending in 01 as well? if so, what is your configuration, and do you have any issues with it?
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    I have a 01 and it was ordered on the day they launched. Only issue has been the now fixed trackpad/keyboard freeze - saw it twice before it got patched. Screen and all else is perfect though. I think 01 is the 2.6/8/512 configs maybe.
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    yea that's what i was thinking, but my keyboard now is very similar to my old Air.. that's got me wondering. so you have the 2.6/512 config also?
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    Do they start from 00 and move up, or is it by configuration? My 2.4/16/256 has a serial number ending in 04, and apart from image retention when I do the checkerboard test, I haven't had any problems in normal use.
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    I guess it must be that because mine is ending on 05...

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  7. pat.micunnis, Nov 9, 2013
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    Decoding Serial Number

    Link to MacRumors article:

    To find out when your machine was made:


    Old format refers to products produced prior to April 2010.

    format of PPPYWSSSCCCC:

    PPP = manufacturing location / plant / factory

    Y = letter code of the year of manufacture, but also whether it was manufactured in the first or second half of the year. Apple has elected to use 20 different letters in this position, omitting vowels A, E, I, O, and U, as well as B. Machines with a "C" in this position will have been manufactured in weeks 1-26 of 2010, while machines with a "D" will have been manufactured in weeks 27-52 or 53 of 2010. For 2011, Apple uses codes "F" and "G", and so on.

    W = single alphanumeric digit, Apple has had to roll out a new system for identifying the week in which a given machine was produced. It utilizes one of 27 alphanumeric characters to denote the week of manufacture, beginning with 1-9 and moving on to letters, omitting 0, vowels A, E, I, O, and U, as well as B, S, and Z. Because the 27 possible characters can not account for all of the weeks in the year, the "W" component must be paired with the "Y" component to determine whether the machine was manufactured in the first or second half of the year, with the "W" codes recycling every six months.

    SSS = three-character alphanumeric "S" code for unique product identification

    CCCC = alphanumeric code for identifying model numbers


    Your serial number changed because your machine is a different configuration / model.
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    My goodness there are some strange fish on this forum. Good luck with number 6.

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