Possible PowerMac Rev Hint?


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Oct 28, 2001
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i dont know if its been there a while but i thought id point out that if you configure a g4 tower, ANYTHING with a dual SCSI card and HD's gets thrown out saying the availability is midjanuary, but they dont even let you order it PERIOD.



What is Gigawire? Or do we have no idea? I've heard a lot of hype about it, but no one seems to know what it actually is. Oh, except for the people who think it is FireWire 2.

You know what'd be cool? If Gigawire was a super super super fast HD that would let you use your HD as RAM... and that would mean disk access would be as quick as RAM too... now that would be cool. 100 GB RAM/HD. That would make any sort of MHz speed bump seem insignificant!

Hmmm... now I think that I'd be impressed if that was what Apple is hyping so much...


Oh yeah, I mean Gigawire is not the HD itself, but rather the system that lets you do all of what I just described.

BTW: I know this kind of thing is not possible with current HDs... but that's where Apple comes in!


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Dec 19, 2001
Clarity on Gigawire

Well I don't work at Apple, don'e even live on the same coast so I haven't overheard any Apple employees talking about Gigawire, and to my dismay, Steve doesn't even call me to chat about it anymore, but there is some interesting info if you type Gigawire in on Google, such as this article:

As best I can tell, this is a hardware bus technology, more than just a protocol like HTTP, something along the lines of SCSI or Firewire. What is really cool is that Apple hints via their patent filings that it may be used for less traditional uses, such as cellular devices.

I admit I don't know much more on the subject, but SCSI is getting old, and I have never heard of RAID striping firewire devices, but if Gigawire can do it, and it is faster (and cheaper - please) than SCSI, I don't see why Apple wouldn't make a play for it.