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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by cuestakid, Jan 23, 2009.

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    I apologize for the length but this issue is a little complicated
    So I got home today and noticed that there was a message on my screen about one of my WD external HDs (I have a Mybook Studio II 2TB and a Mybook Home 500GB). I panicked and accidentally closed it with out copying down the information(i already scolded myself). The only thing I can recall it saying was to check my RAID and call my manufacturer. But the drive was mounted on my desktop and when I ran disk utility on it it passed. However when I checked my WD RAID manager it showed all both HDs to be fine. I then checked my console log and found this

    "1/23/09 8:14:00 PM WD RAID Manager[2628] *** -[InfoController UpdateDisk:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x13bb3"

    there are about 200 or so of these so something is clearly wrong.

    Can anyone shed some light on what this means? I would like to get more information from that message but i cannot seem to find it- is there any special way to find messages from the OS that popped up?


    EDIT- so after some more digging, I found this in my console log

    1/23/09 6:09:11 PM /Library/Application Support/WesternDigital/WDDriveManager/WDDriveManagerService[59] WDDriveManager received non-zero Array Status: 4, on Drive 'WU2Q10047447 '

    now that drive IS part of my RAID setup but again the WDDrive Manager is reporting that the drives are healthy and fine.

    I do plan on calling WD in the morning but for now I really don't know
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    In the last several weeks we have had the message that the MyBook Studio II (in raid 1 configuration) was disconnected without being unmounted (usually more than once per day). When we look, the drive is mounted and there seems to be no problem.

    We requested a replacement under warranty from Western Digital, and since getting the replacement we're now getting a different error - every few days it says check WD Manager for details, yet WD Manager says the drives are fine. We have replaced all parts - the drive, the power supply and the Firewire 800 cable. In Console we get the same message as you described:

    WDDriveManager received non-zero Array Status: 4

    Do both of these drives have faults? Should we be requesting a third drive?

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