<possible solved> 10.8.2 rant - gosh how I regret upgrade!

Discussion in 'macOS' started by mtbdudex, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. mtbdudex, Mar 13, 2013
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    My 27" 2009 i7 iMac was working so perfect under 10.7.5 , yet I read good reviews about 10.8, so just 1 week ago after others de-bug 10.8 I figured "what the heck, 10.8.2, it should be stable"..

    I've been a Mac guy since 1984, http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=16040450&postcount=108, and honestly it's been a long time since I had such a buggy upgrade.

    -under 10.7.5 I'd go weeks between restart, now the same computer locks up daily
    -so many times upon sleep will not respond, just the spinning beach ball of death
    -truly seems to just run hotter

    [edit Mar-16-2013 10.8.3 update seems to have fixed my issues]
    [If after 4-5 days I'll mark this as solved]
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    Jun 15, 2012
    To be honest, I doubt it's the OS. Does 10.8 have bugs? Yes. Does it cause panics and SBoDs? No.

    It's probably some third-party software that doesn't work well under 10.8.

    Take a look at any crash logs or hang logs in Console. They may look like gibberish, but they may mention the general area affected frequently. Also, the crash log will list kernel extensions loaded at the time. If there are any third-party ones there, remove them.

    Take a look at Activity Monitor, to see what processes are using high CPU or VRAM levels when you get the locks-up.

    If none of that is fruitful, create a brand new user account, and test the problem there. If the problem does not persist in the new account, then the cause is NOT your OS, but something in your user account, like a corrupt preference or cache.
    Don't migrate to the new user: go back to your old account and start trying to pinpoint the rogue file.
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    You should have came here sooner and read up on 10.8.3 and held off for just a couple more weeks....with 13 betas it should only be a week or two at most from being released and you could have skipped over 10.8.2
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    The benefits of repairing permissions have long been greatly exaggerated.

    Permissions are not made of cheese. Nor do they rust and require regular maintenance. There is not necessarily one true "correct" set of file attributes, (though there are certainly some incorrect ones).

    RP restores SOME Apple System components to the values in /Library/Receipts. It also consistently flags warnings but does nothing about the "problems" it encounters. It does nothing for third-party apps or user files. File attributes on System files are unlikely to change in the normal run of things.

    RP was most useful in the days when the Classic environment would write freely over the disk without any regard to POSIX file attributes.

    It is mostly included in a list of things to try when neither the cause nor the solution has been determined. Swearing followed by a reboot is anecdotally just as effective.
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    Many people found the fresh install is the most workable solution.
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    considering he was doing an OS upgrade not a wipe and install it couldn't hurt, along w/ reapplying the combo update.
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    10.8.3 seems to have fixed the following for me:
    -wake from sleep ; works now
    -recognizes my Brother HL-2270DW series printer
    -temp feels normal "warm" not "hot"
    -no more spinning beach ball

    I do appreciate the responses, I'll give this 4-5 days and if still stable will put a <solved> in the post title thread to show that


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