Possible switcher, need advice on the iMac 27"

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    May 23, 2010
    'Ello. Welcome to another switch thread, and one with possibly the most idiotic reason for switching up to date :p.

    Name's Seb, i'm 24 and i work as a freelance writer as well as doing concept designing/illustrating on the side. Over the past 14 years of my computer life i've exclusively been a PC/windows-person - with good reasons, i believe. I've never had problems with any of the OS'es, installations, hardware or software i've worked or played with. I've also been more or less virus/spyware-free. Hardware is cheaper, easier to customize and you get more freedom. That was what i sought up until now.

    Over the past 15 months however, i've gone from a gaming focus to more of a professional focus. I spend my free time drawing and designing and i'm going to attend a 2-4 year education focusing on digital art this fall. My current machine, a wonderful custom-build housing a Quad-core, 4 GB ram and a 4890 GPU is nearing the end of it's 3-year long life cycle. The time has ome for an upgrade.

    In reviewing my needs, i've come to the conclusion that the only real reason (apart from pricing) for my keeping to windows has been it's panache for gaming and entertainment. So i figure, with one change happening in my life, it may be time for another to sort of mark the occassion of my shift in ambition and focus. Perhaps, i figure, the psychological change would be another thing that further helps me step away from gaming.

    Yup, my reason for switching to apple would be more psychological (apart from the fact that macs look better and are easier to move) then anything else. A week ago, i was at a friends house and tried working on her imac "27 in PS4CS, and it got to the point where Lisa had to pull me away from the mac. Might have something to do with her leaning, exposing that lovely clea...eh, nevermind :p. Bottom line is, i need some advice from a bunch of "professional" PC-bashers.

    My daily work is done using the following software/hardware.

    - Wacom Intuos4 XL
    - Adobe Photoshop Cs4
    - Corel Painter X
    - Word

    What i would need the iMac to do is be able to handle those three pieces of advanced software and the hardware with the same elegance, finesse and speed that my PC does. When working on the iMac at my friends house, there seemed to be little trouble, but i want to make sure and do more research, especially after reading around online. So, here are my concerns, listed in no particular order.

    - Time to buy; Obviously, after viewing your buyer's guide, it seems that it'd be a good idea to wait until fall when i start my studies to purchase the iMac, seeing that by that time upgrades will likely be out and they may have worked some of the kinks out. Wait or no wait.

    - Screen. The iMac 27" is glossy. I can deal with that. I arrange my workspace according to my needs, to if the iMac screen is as good as it seemed to be, that won't be a problem. The problems however seem to be that looking at support forums, half of the things seem to ship with yellow tinge, dead pixels, cracks, potential explosions...yeah, you get the picture. I consider myself fairly PC-savvy, and in comparison the mac forums here in Sweden are far more flooded with complaints about the screen. So my questions, and honesty would be appreciated, is if this an over-inflated problems where the people who get flawless imacs simply aren't represented, or do the current generation iMac's have fundamental flaws with their screens (the yellow tinge in particular). As a designer and illustrator, i wouldn't be able to work with a glaring yellow tinge. I didn't notice it when i tried it out, but people say it takes a little more time to notice.

    Also, i currently work on a Samsung Syncmaster 2370XL 23", a screen i consider to be godlike. Will i be able to hook this up properly to use as a reference/second screen?

    - Heat. I forgot to check that last week. Alot of people complain that their iMac's generate alot of heat, particularly towards the back of the case, to the point where one could get burned. I read some article by a guy who claimed this was the way the fan-less design bled off the excess heat, by directing it to be back of the case. Is this the case? Seems to be alot of different results in this particular issue, some complaining, some not at all.

    - Ease of switching. I can't say i was particularly comfortable with the OSX UI at the time i tried it, mostly focused on the photoshop. How long for a comfortable switch for a die-hard windows user? will i be able to import my tool presets, brush sets and action sets from my PC photoshop? I understand Word works seamlessly on mac now, so the switch there seems to be minor....but general ease of switching, really.

    No need to say that i shouldn't switch/that i have idiotic reasons for making the switch. My father will probably do that quite adequately when he sees the thing in my home office, so focus on the questions/concerns would be appreciated. Oh, and experiences from designers/artists who did a similar switch at one point or another would be nice also.

    Thanks :).
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    Dec 10, 2008
    1. If you're getting the high-end iMac, just buy now, it already has the best components so update won't really affect it.

    2. People come to forums to tell about their issues. Yellowing is/was a huge issue but it's more and more solved now, only few have it anymore. You can always return it if it's bad, in Sweden there is no restocking fee either.

    3. You can connect any screen to iMac, you just need the right adapter

    4. Aluminum is a conductor and thus feels hot even though the innards are cool. My iMac feels hot on the top but it runs pretty cool (I have iStat to see the temps). Most people are just paranoid, as long as everything works, no need to worry.

    5. Photoshop is exactly the same on OS X. IMO OS X is easier than Windows and I'm pretty sure you will have no issues with the switching

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